July 14, 2012 marked one of those epic days of being a Davao Blogger that one just can’t easily get over with. It was a day of fun and laughter, and exploration of various establishments within the Davao City area.

4 Teams of Bloggers were sent to 4 various areas with 4 different itineraries to ensure most of Davao City is covered during the Davao Bloggers “Life Is Here Tour” in partnership with the City Tourism Office.

I was part of the Uptown Adventurers, and here is my story of destination numero uno: Jack’s Ridge.

We left our RG place, McDonald’s Matina a tad late. Some concerns about the vans have kept us at bay for a while longer as some other teams started off to their respective itineraries.

Kevin, Mark and Jack's Ridge rep

Kevin, Mark and Jack’s Ridge rep (photo by Kitty Purry)

The Uptown Adventurers consists mostly of new bloggers to the Davao Bloggers Community while headed by 2 of the old-timers, Mark and yours truly. The newbies that joined our team were Dawn, Kitty, Naprey and Algene with Faust, Carla and Richard counting to the mainstays of the group already.

I could feel the excitement in the air as we got off our van at the first stop, Jack’s Ridge. Everyone was so excited that we were unable to brief them with what to do since they immediately scattered all over the place to tae pictures of the our first itinerary.

No doubt, Jack’s Ridge looks best at evening, but it was something unique as well, to see Jack’s Ridge at daytime. The place was still empty with only the Uptown Adventurers and a few workers roaming around. Seeing Jack’s Ridge again brings back some old memories I had at the place.

Mark, Faust, Kevin and Richard - mga bitterano. XD (photo by Kitty Purry)

Mark, Faust, Kevin and Richard – mga bitterano. XD (photo by Kitty Purry)

Jack’s Ridge is one of those places that pretty much every Dabawenyo has been to, pero hindi nag-sasawang balikan. It’s one of those hangouts were you can have a good time with your colleagues and as well as a good view over Metro Davao City since it’s located uphill of the Davao Shrine hills.


Shrine Hills, Matina Davao City 8000 Philippines

Tel # 63.82.2978830 to 31 Telefax 63.82.2976535

Cell # 09218013499

Visit their website: Jack’s Ridge

Email add: [email protected] & [email protected]

Photos in this post are courtesy of Jesus Susing Tinapay, John Carlo Larida, Algene Cutamora and Anne Marielle

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