But I cannot feel the summer excitement filling my mind and heart. I’m still bothered by what I should do with this blog, and it appears like I’m not the only one who needs to locate his flow to writing. I have thought about changing a few things around this summer, and even help out someone with setting up her blog (which I have not finished just yet).

ps: I’ll be returning comments tomorrow, Monday.

There’s a big problem that is hindering me to pursue whatever stuff I would like to push through with, and it appears that I need to do something, before it gets out of control. My habit to blog has decreased and deceased. I don’t know what’s going on. Maybe a little challenge, just like I have considered one of my favorite blogs a challenge before might be just the inspiration that I need. But the next best thing that I could look up to is buying something that priceless that my 2 Dollars per day at Adsense cannot afford. I wonder when I could reach that far?

For now, I have thought about trying my best to fit in within the community, communicate with other bloggers, blog about their articles, discuss matters and of course continue what I have done the best so far, posting entertainment related articles that keep the traffic alive here. A series of blogging tips has been released here already, but it looks like no one is really interested in making use of them. And it’s also like I’m the only one who has these problems of taking care of comments right now.

I’m really down right now. Confused on where this blog is heading to, or where I am, specifically heading to. The bills are in red right now, the traffic is at minus 30% from the last month, and everything is just falling down on me. I wanted to ask one of my readers for assistance again, but I’m too ashamed, since I blabbered much about how comfy I am at paying my hosting bills. But it looks like I need to turn to my readers again to help me out for now, as I am still doing what I can to get the blog back going…. or maybe it’s already, dying?

Well, what  I have done so far since my graduation day [1. which I’ll be talking about in a latter post.] isn’t much. I was able to get a blog started which will be authored by a friend of mine who’s other friend thought that he is involved or addressed with a emotional post that I wrote. I was also able to sort things out at my personal blog which ain’t be a blog anymore, but more like a Online Resume or Contact form (thanks to this awesome theme I found) that should represent me to people who are interested in knowing me better.

A new blog that will be authored by yours truly has also been just installed and is dubbed as the Love Bug Love Blog. Some might ask what Poetic Notes is gonna do during the mean time, but the PR update is pretty self explanatory.

Problems like this and that have worried me very often in my blogging life. And I was able to miraculously rescue myself and lift the PR4 baby during the opening of this year, which dropped to a numb PR2 two weeks of the year 2009 -until a couple of days ago- back to it’s usual standard which is a Page Rank 3 out of 10 possible marks.

Where I need to get my hands on is on how to get the comments going as I need to take more care of them. I should also find a way how I get my Technorati Statistics rise. But before anything else one of the most important things that I should look up to is getting my will to blog again. I don’t know where I have left or lost the will, the inspiration and motivation to get this blog and the others going. Plurk has become pretty addictive lately especially now where I have gained a lot of new friends and fans. I cannot do everything at the same time but have to choose, to become the blogger, or the plurkstar (befriend me) who’s right on the move 😉