DotA 2’s The International Battle Pass and Compendium is included in today’s 800mb update. As always, this is the much awaited Compendium and Battle Pass update happening prior to an up and coming The International tournament. Not only that, the Battle Pass will also cover the upcoming Manila Major that will take place this June 7-12 in Manila, Philippines.

Just like last year, the Battle Pass can be leveled up or can be prepurchased at Level 50 for $26.99 with additional levels priced at $2.49, $4.99 and  $9.99 for 5, 11 and 24 levels, respectively.

Battle Pass

The Initial Bundle of the The International Battle Pass includes the following:

  • Immortal Treasure I
  • Immortal Treasure II
  • Immortal Treasure III
  • Seasonal Terrain
  • Weather Effect
  • Taunt
  • Music Pack
  • Evolving Ward
  • HUD
  • Evolving Courier
  • Effigy Block
  • Announcer Pack
  • Emoticon Pack
  • Loading Screens

Just as you may have been used to the Fall Major and Winter Battle Pass, this will also come with a wagering feature and like the Winter Battle Pass, will also feature Community Challenge.

The International 2016 Prize Pool starts at 1,600,000 US Dollars and will increase over time as 25% of The International Battle Pass and Compendium purchases will be added to the prize pool of eSports biggest and grandest tournament.

For more details, go to the official TI Battle Pass website now.