The average internet user might not know about the manifesting beauty behind the code of the websites that they are viewing, behind the sites that they keep visiting, behind the softwares and applications that aid them in their daily life on the world wide web. Thus, let’s all together celebrate a very special event to thank all of these wares that made our life easier and more convinient, helped us do our tasks faster and more efficient, contributed to the feature rich applications we just can’t leave without.

Let’s thank Open Source for that. In case you don’t know what open source means, don’t you worry. Free and Open Source Software is the key to all this, and the localized Open Source Group Dabawegnu have organized a little event dubbed as the Software Freedom Day 2008, an attempt to let the average users like you, recognize the importance of FOSS and to gather developer, amateur or professional together at a single venue. SFD 2008 is an International Event celebrated almost everywhere in the world. Also here in Davao City, Philippines.

The University of Mindanao, Matina Campus will be the very kind host of this event in Davao City which will happen on the 20th of September. Some of the people that will be talking there include, Hon. Peter Lavina who will leave a keynote address, followed by talks about the Mozilla Based-Frame used in developing Electronic Health Record. GIMP which is a image manipulation program and yours truly, WordPress.

But wait, there’s more. The talk about the one and only dominating open source blogging plattform, WordPress will be conducted by a Pinoy Teens Online Staff Member, yours truly, Kevin Georg Paquet, the head administrator of this website.

According to him, he’ll be sharing some stuff and struts regarding the use of WordPress, teaching the attendees of the event how easy it is to own a blog of their own and how easy WordPress is to modify. It’ll be his first time ever to talk in front of such a crowd, which hopefully won’t be that big (you know, he’s never been a good speaker XD)

Expect him to narrate a little bit from his own WordPress blogging life, some cool plugins that every blogger should have, WordPress resource sites, and a little bonus giveaway. If in case you are interested to attend the event and are reading this, we’d really appreciate if you leave a comment here, as we would be very happy to see you on the event for a little eye ball.

See you there!