Joanne and Kevin

I am still trying to get myself back into blogging again. And I thought one of the best ways would be to plug a friend of mine who attend the Youth Engagement Summit in Kuala Lumpur.

I need to admit that I didn’t knew at all that she had a little baby boy prior our personal meet up at the NAIA, and I was rather surprised by it.. Prior to that, we used to text and call now and then to communicate and talk about the summit which was ahead of us.

I know a handful of people who have problems finding jobs, or who fail with their chosen path. I’m on the road of failure too with this blog, but we can’t really compare it to a business, can we?

Some people might think odd about solely selling Coke for a living, but some, like the fact that people do so and are even proud of it. It amazes them and serves as a great inspiration to them. I’m one of the people feeling touched by the fact that there indeed some who are proud of what they do, even though others would criticize them negatively.

I really wish that all of us would be like Joanne, doing the most out of an unlikely way of earning. All of us should take the chances that we have at hand and make the best from it. Who knows, those chances of creating a living might not come again. Taking risks is part of the game, and she managed to deal with it.

If you want to read more articles about my single-mom friend, please visit her blog to do so.
ps: Her baby boy looks really cute 🙂

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