Image by Edwin Dalorzo via Flickr

Before we all get eaten alive with campaigning, with the elections, the gossip, the news, the internet, and everything else that we deem important in our lives, let’s not forget that May 9 is also on the calendar – yes, Mother’s day.

As teenagers, we’ve already developed a sense of ‘parent immunity’ – meaning, we’ve become accustomed to their prattle about ‘sleeping earlier’ and ‘stay in the house for once’. We’ve also become significantly cold, and don’t start denying it: when have YOU kissed/hugged/told your parents the words ‘I love you’? (Guys, that phrase isn’t just reserved for your girlfriend/boyfriend – remember that ._.)

So maybe we sometimes do, but we do those half-heartedly. That hurts more than you think it does, but your mothers understand… maybe.

So do yourself a favor and trek to the mall (secretly!) to find your mom the perfect gift that you think she’ll like – don’t just grab anything off the shelf and say ‘this could do’. Or if you’re more into cooking, start thinking of a menu and buy the groceries you need as early as today. And if you don’t have money, a heartfelt, hand-made letter is always a good thing – just make sure it really did come from the heart and not from someone else’s.

Mother’s day only happens once a year – think of it as Christmas, and if you haven’t said you loved your mothers, then it’s high time you do.