All laptop batteries’ lifespan will eventually decrease through the years. Newly purchased batteries lasts up to four hours after charging. After a year or so, this becomes half the time as it used to. In the long run, the hours may only become minutes and then you may have to just continually be on power supply.

To maximize the lifespan of your battery and lengthen the time before you go back to your computer retail provider, here are some tips that you may practice:

•FULLY CHARGE NEW BATTERIES – Charge your new batteries for up to 12 hours prior its first use. This maximizes the charging power of your new battery.
•GET A SPARE BATTERY – An addition to your cost, yes. But alternately using a spare battery will increase the life of your batteries as each will divide the “wear and tear” of only one battery.
•CONSERVE ENERGY – Other components that you connect with your laptop may be run using separate power. Plug them on the wall sockets instead of having them draw power from your laptop’s battery. Reduce the brightness of your screen, this does not only save up on battery power but it is also easier on your eyes.
•ONLY RUN APPLICATIONS THAT YOU WILL WORK ON – Run few applications, only those that you really need at that moment. Leaving them open, even if you don’t work on them, draws power from your battery.
•SWITCH TO LITHIUM – Lithium Ion batteries have longer power and are less prone to damage from charging and recharging.

A rechargeable battery’s lifespan is an average of two years. For efficient batteries, you may want to purchase a new one from your computer retail provider after the said period. Your first battery will still be usable but the second one will be much more efficient.