One of the greatest feature of a taxi hailing service for me is the ability to have log of the different taxis we rode in case something got lost or was left behind in the cab. Well, that’s been the sole purpose for me why I often find myself grabbing a cab in Davao. Needless to say, availing of a cab via a hailing service makes us feel more safe and secure, too… knowing that more or less, these drivers had to undergo an approval process before being allowed into the hailing service program.

See, in Davao City, having rude drivers or corrupt drivers is a rather minor issue. The biggest problems we’re facing in our up and coming city is the difficulty in finding a taxi during peak hours. That’s why any new competitor on the block is welcome, especially one promoted by the City Government of Davao itself, HirNa.

Posing with HirNa Taxi Hailing App

Posing with HirNa Taxi Hailing App

HirNa, dubbed as echhe “best taxi hailing app” is here in Davao and offers a feature set that can get toe to toe with its well-established competitor right out of the box.

Francisco Mauricio, president of AVIS Philippines enumerated the following benefits of the application and its edge on the other existing hailing applications:

    • No passenger booking fee
    • No surge pricing
    • 24/7 booking hotline (no app, no problem)
    • No additional cars on the road (decrease traffic congestion and carbon footprint
    • Elevates taxi service via driver/vehicle rating system

With a fleet of about 1,500 taxis and a target of 4,000 taxi unites operating with HirNa by the early part of this year, it spells only good things for commuters in the city whose main complain with other hailing services is the lack of taxi availability and coverage.

HirNa, whilst offering utmost convenience and safety for the commuters won’t be taking a heavy toll on either the drivers or the commuters. The mobile numbers is said to be provided by the operators, rather than billed to the drivers. Also, the commuting public is ensured that HirNa drivers will stick to the standard metering scheme all throughout.

As of this writing, HirNa is available on the Google Play Store. We ought to see an iOS version of the taxi hailing service soon for them to cover both bases when it comes to the commuting public here in Davao.