Hats off for the excellence in basketball courtesy of the Green Archers who continue their solo flight as the league’s 2nd thoughest team, with Ateneo ahead by just a single win.

It’s difficult to predict which way the season’s 2nd round of elimination will go, because anything may happen, just like NU has proven it the latter year against the Blue Eagles, and in their last task during the first round in the present Season against the FEU Tamaraws.

The Green Archers take a slight advantage over the Ateneans as they’ve been able to keep-off a strong contender like the UE Red Warriors for the 2nd round. Whilst Ateneo, still has to face them. At the other end. The Blue Eagles have taken on the FEU Tamaraws and the UST Growling Tigers successfully in this second round, leaving dust behind them. Although, they’ve taken down two big teams already, there’s no assurance that they’ll end up the elemination on top of them, as they still have NU and UE ahead. And well, prepare for NU’s surprising effectiveness when it comes to the Blue Eagles.

After those vital games, everything then, boils down to the showdown of the Rivals. Ateneo vs De La Salle. But that game still has to wait for a couple of weeks, as that will be the last game of the elemination, and a very, very crucial one.