It has been a year now since Gravatar has become part of the dedicated Automattic Family, which just Globally Recognized Avatar, Gravatarextended it’s roots with the acquisition of Intense Debate. GRAVATAR used to be a very useful tool on it’s own prior the acquisition that happened a year ago, but now, after a year, it has become even better and has become a core functionality to WordPress, to which not only bloggers, but blog readers turn to, to make their presence more personal on websites they interact on.

For those who are quite unfamiliar with Gravatar, it stands for Globally Recognized Avatars. And simply that. You can login with your WordPress.Com account details or setup an account of your own very simply, which just needs a little verification and is ready to go.

Upon verifying your email address you can now either enter a image url or upload an image from your local hard drive to the servers of Gravatar, which you can crop afterwards to suit your desire on what you think is best. You can then choose the appropriate classification for your Gravatar, whether it suits everyone, or is a more X-Rated one, and then, your avatar is set.

After you finished everything above, you can now upload more pictures if you wish to, or add more email addresses which you’d like to handle via that account, and add images as you desire. These images will then be visible with the respective email address you’ve attached it to in GRAVATAR enabled WordPress blogs and Websites, just like Pinoy Teens Online is. It’s a good way to stand out from the others and show yourself to the world, just like it claims to be, a Globally Recognized Avatar.

Thousands of people have attached a personal feel to their email address when they comment on blogs, you could to the same now.

Get yourself a Gravatar.