I can say that I am pretty much proud of myself and the good things that I have done until this very Christmas season, and so far, all my effort has paid of very great, and I’ve received more than I have expected to receive. Although, not really the things that I want to receive. But still, let me share you some of these.

  • My Tita has paid me three hundred pesos for fixing her computer, I feel like I could open up a business for Computer repairs if I could earn money this easily. The problem that my Tita experienced was actually just a click away to get fixed.
  • I was able to help out a blogging friend to get fix  few issues that he had with his theme.
  • I was able to install a blog for a girl-friend (a friend who is a girl, not the other meaning of girl friend), who had quiet some difficulties getting started, and hey, was she happy when she noticed that I installed the latest version of WordPress which is WordPress 2.7
  • I was able to help out a couple of people at both the WordPress.Com and WordPress.Org Support Forums.
  • I fixed the CHMOD issue with Aika’s Server so that she can edit her theme templates per request

There are still a lot of other things that I have done for other people that are not in relation to computer and the world wide web, which Iwon’t list down here, since most of them are a few minor things, and I guess you don’t really want to get bored about that stuff? Hmm, now let’s see it from an other perspective, the fruits that I unexpectedly came to harvest from the good attitude that I have showed lately.

  • A brand new Neo Vivid 2121 Notebook which has cost my parents around 30,000.00 Pesos.
  • A few new re-chargeable batteries that I got from my parents as well which means that I can shot pictures as often and as many as I would like to without seeing the annoying battery low image at the bottom right corner of my Kodak’s Camera Screen.
  • 100.00 US Dollar from John, the one who is renting the ground floor of our house, for simply fixing his internet connection and giving him a minute tutorial on what to do to get connected again to the internet if in case the problem still persist.
    • A new 2 Gigabyte Flash Disk branded Kingston
    • Globe Visibility Kit, with 200 Pesos Free Load and 6 initial sessions.
    • A Copy of both Warcraft III Reign of Chaos and Frozen Throne
    • A nice meal at the foodcove of NCCC Mall Davao, enjoying the Wi-Fi capabilities of my laptop.

I would reallly love to write a more precise post about the specs of my laptop, just like a few of my facebook friends have asked me to, but I just can’t find any vacant time, I haven’t even really updated this blog this  Christmas season yet, inspite the fact that I am now in posssession of a Laptop.

There are still a few school project, specifically in Mathematics that are pending and need my attention which I need to finishbefore the seventh of the first month of 2009. And I yet have to study my lessons for the upcoming third quarter examinations which ain’t be a  joke at all.

Again, more specific updates on what is happening and what is going on here on Pinoy Teens Online will be posted very shortly as follows when I know something new. But for now, let me leave it to here, ’til then!