No, you’re not dreaming. I’ll go along with blogspot. I will create a blogger account and use blogspot, just Blogger Logo for a try. Haha. I want to see what people like on blogspot, why they say it’s so easy and user friendly (which I strongly believe isn’t) and what makes them stick to it.

Maybe, after further experimentation with blogspot, I’ll come to understand what makes it unique and different from WordPress. Although, I believe that there are a lot of blogspot users who are in favor of using WordPress, it’s just that they can’t place advertisements on WordPress.Com blogs.

What’s the real essence of creating a blog? Earning Money or sharing your thoughts?

If people would understand what’s the real essence of blogging and look back to those who are using WordPress.Com to share their ideas and opinions to the world, then they might come to the realization that they are pretty much on the wrong path of becoming a blogger. Because bloggers don’t look at the money, but unto their passion and that is writing. (Wow, this would’ve been a pretty nice post on it’s own)

Anyways, I was able to setup my blog on blogspot initially and get a tiny mini winy post out on my Blogspot Site. I really don’t know what I could add there. I’m having 2 personal blogs now, one that is hosted at blogspot and my WordPress counterpart which is under my domain name. Hmm. I really won’t wonder if after a week I see my blogspot site closing in haha..

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