This website has been up and running all the way back 2007. Endless times have I attempted to revive it. Countless times have I failed doing it. I understand now that I have handle things wrongly and here I am, bringing Pinoy Teens New Media back to its roots once again.

I lost sight when I started making money off the website. Thinking that making the move from the well-established domain over to would add to its popularity and SEO rankings. To say the least, it was a disastrous decision for me at it has cost me almost all of my keywords back then (even though I properly perma-redirected everything).

Pinoy Teens was on a downhill spiral thereon forth. Indeed, I had a number of contributors throughout it’s lifespan in the form of a certain Anna Reyes, Claire Jundis, Aiza Aquino, among others. But I was a noob at managing this site, and how much more actual people along with it? It didn’t lead to much… and the downward spiral continued. Pinoy Teens never managed to recover from the SEO trouble I’ve caused with my attempt to establish the site on a domain… and here we are today. Back at the start with a wealth of over 1,000 posts and 14,000 comments making the difference from the time that I’ve started back in the day.

Truly, at the back of my mind would linger the thought on how I could revitalize this website and monetize it. This mindset has changed now, and I’m back writing here purely out of my own personal enthusiasm, interest and passion. After all, Pinoy Teens was a passion project that I started over a decade ago when I was still a real Pinoy Teen.

We’ll come clean. This time.

Starting from this day onward, Pinoy Teens will not be monetized anymore. There will be no more AdSense running on this website that may distract visitors to this website. The only adverts that you will see are from my own internal products and services such as website hosting and management or from COGS – a startup that I’m handling with one of my friends.

I’m already looking forward to writing more here about my experiences that I think might be interesting for others to read about (like the recent #WCMNL2018) or opinions that I have on certain current events.

Pinoy Teens is and always will be my first website. My passion project.

And it’s time that I get it back going again.

I don’t need the money that I could get from monetizing this website even more. I’ve matured that way. Think of it as my way of letting off steam or my way of destressing. Think of it as me becoming a little 16 year old teenager who’s excited about blogging once more.

With that being said, I hope that you’ll stick around and continue visiting Pinoy Teens New Media. Trust me, I’ll make it worth it! See you around… who ever is still reading this.

PS: I have changed the permalink structure of the website to prepare it for its migration to either Business, NameCheap’s EasyWP or WP Engine.