The moment I got home yesterday and logged in to Plurk, the overwhelming message of ‘GUYS! HAS GO KAISHO BEEN CANCELLED?’ filled my screen and almost took up at least 15 individual plurks from 15 different people.

Go figure.

The cancelled GO KAISHO event, organized by KAISHO, has gotten every otaku’s pants in a twist. It even got into my nerves even if I didn’t plan to go. For one, who would release an official statement at 11 pm when they themselves knew at 5 pm that the event wouldn’t push through at all? Talk about fail organizing.

But what I’ve said earlier doesn’t even compare to what’s written on the comments. At around 10:30 last night, the site’s home page had been wiped clean because of trash talk ranging from ‘you guys are fail’ to ‘I spent money on this! GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY!!!’. When the official statement was posted, instead of appeasing the crowd, it drove the anger even further: they didn’t really give an explanation as to WHY the event was cancelled, and more likely appealed to the community’s kindness (which in fact, actually backfired… somewhat).

So now that a few unlucky people are caught unaware at PTTC, frustrated cosplayers planning a small-scale event at MOA, a flourishing hate page at Facebook and a million or so un-trusting and unforgiving otakus all over Metro Manila (and even out of it), I actually wonder what will the KAISHO group do to redeem themselves from their disastrous (and not to mention reckless) plight.

(GO KAISHO website: