The two leading mobile networks of the Philippines, Globe and Smart, respectively are going to suspend all their unlimited call in text promos for the mean time, and won’t implement them back before the first of January 2009.

Touch Mobile and Talk N Text subscribers are affected by this decision as well, so is Globe’s latest Calling Promo Unyt (which stands for Unlimited Night Calls), Smart All Text with Call Combo will also be suspended for the mean time and the suspension has been implemented a few hours back dated December 30, 2008 until January 1, 2009.

Talk N Text Gaan Text, Smart Unlimited Texting, Globe Unlitxt and Touch Mobile Unlimited Texting service is what concerns the people, especially Teens nowadays the most, but luckily it is just a temporanous move for the peak of 2008, thus the peak of the Holiday Season.

There’s no need to worry for those who feel worried that they cannot subscribe to their networks’ respective unlimited texting service, Globe and Smart might have suspended their  Unlimited Services for the mean time, but they’ll be back on track as soon 2009 enters the scene. And oh, it’s not really that far away.