Everyone loves a dress up party and the festive season of Christmas, a time for celebration, is the
perfect time for such an occasion! You can be as traditional as you wish, with costumes such as
Santa or a Biblical theme, or give yourself a bit of free rein and have a have a little, or a lot, of fun!

The Three Kings

These kings were also known as the three wise men who followed a star in the sky and journeyed to
Nazareth on their camels. Costumes for the three men will be easy. You can purchase or hire from a
costume shop an ankle length robe with a headband but you will be the highlight of the party if you
take along two friends dressed as the camel! Camel costumes have realistic heads and if you can’t
get two friends to join in the fun, camel costumes complete with hump, are available for one person.
Just put a lead rope on and follow the star in the sky!

Morph suit

A Santa lycra morph suit will certainly draw attention! This is basically a super stretchy jumpsuit
with fingers in it for your hands and which covers you from head to toe. It has a zipper at the back,
so it is just like stepping into a wetsuit. Just remember, there is no zipper at the front, so the only
way out is to be unzipped at the back! You might need to go easy on the drinking for the night! This
costume is a great conversation starter, gives anonymity and would definitely add shock value to any
Christmas function!

A Christmas Tree

There is such a variety to choose from when dressing like a Christmas tree! You can wear the
traditional Christmas tree shape with a star on your head, and to finish the theme, wear rectangle
shoe boxes decorated as Christmas presents over your shoes, then you will truly look like a
Christmas tree. Tuck a battery operated pack into your pocket and drape yourself with fairy lights
for a beautifully adorned tree! Adorn yourself with tinsel and you will sparkle on the night!

Christmas Animals

Who pulls Santa’s sleigh? Why, Rudolph of course! Dress up as Santa’s favourite reindeer with a
glowing red nose and pointy antlers. No Christmas is complete without a turkey, so put on your
turkey costume and strut your way around your Christmas party.

Christmas Characters

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without Frosty the Snowman, so don your Frosty costume and
spread good cheer throughout Christmas. If you run, run, maybe you can catch the gingerbread
man! Gingerbread men are a traditional part of Christmas festivities. Put on pointy ears and a pointy
hat, a pair of shoes with turned up toes and Santa’s helper, the elf will bring life to any Christmas

The past year will have no doubt been busy in so many different ways. Christmas is a great time
to catch up with family & friends and a chance to relax for a while. Christmas costumes are a
wonderfully delightful way of bringing some fun to any celebration and you can capture the images
and make great Christmas photo gifts. The costumes also make great conversation starters and you can mingle your way through
any crowd with ease. Merry Christmas to all!