Being at the mercy of Doctors and Nurses is one thing. But feeling left out and neglected can build up a lot of frustration and anger. Such has been the case in a recent incident that took place at the Southern Philippines Medical Center (locally known as Regional). A rather frustrated father stabbed a doctor and a nurse. Reason: he thought he was neglected. He thought they didn’t care about his child because they were poor.

Rumors has it that the nurses and doctors at the Hospital in question have a very bad personality and do not treat their patients well. It’s an endless back and forth as to whether they are indeed neglecting their patients or not, given that the hospital in question is understaffed for the sheer number of patients that they have to accommodate day in and day out.

I have had firsthand experience with mean personnel at SPMC, but to stab them just because you felt like they weren’t attending to your needs properly does not justify it.


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