I noticed a couple of very weird facts about Friendster Users, which I have ever so hard tried to correct. But after correcting one of the many, I discovered that there are numerous people who are exercising these errors.

Using a Imaginary Email Address, specifically @YAHOO.COM

YAHOO IS NOT EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD, there are many other, better Electronic Mail Service Providers like Google Mail for example. You are not obliged to have a Yahoo! Mail to join Friendster, nevertheless a IMAGINARY email which leads to..

People blaming Friendster for their account being suspended

Do you even know what the word VERIFY means? When it says VERIFY your friendster? If you are one of those who have had one of his/her accounts banned, don’t wonder! But think things over, are you sure you did not do anything foolish? Or, are you one of the many who kept on ignoring the notice PLEASE VERIFY YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS?

Doing things the correct way.

Sign up for a real Yahoo! Mail account, use the email address that you registered with Yahoo! Mail for your friendster account, once you have done so, wait for a message in your Yahoo! Mail which you need to click to avoid being deleted on Friendster someday.

Just my five cent, and a friendly reminder from Pinoy Teens Online