Freddie Aguilar has a romantic relationship with a 16 years old girl, whom he considers his girlfriend now and even plans on marrying.

The Veteran singer was under fire on various Social Networking Sites like Twitter and Facebook when the news broke that he’s in a relationship with a 16 years old Pinay Teenager. Many have spoken about how wrong the relationship of Freddie Aguilar and the 16 years old Jovi Gatdula is. And now, according to a Gabriela party-list Representative, we’ve got some insights about the legal standpoint of their curious relationship.

Freddie Aguilar romance with 16 years old girl doesn’t violate the law

Gabriela party-list Representative Luzviminda Ilagan says that, “We have no problem with that. No law was violated, there is no abuse, she was not forced, and her parents have given their consent. It is a relationship of mutual consent. Malaki lang ang age gap.”

Jovi Gatdula and Freddie Aguilar Relationship

Jovi Gatdula and Freddie Aguilar Relationship

Pinoy Teens’ Opinion:

We think it’s not right to put all the blame on Freddie Aguilar. The way it seems, the way he talks and answers questions during interviews shows that he may mean it seriously with his 16 years old girlfriend. There are however, two other people who should be placed in the spotlight as well regarding this matter. That would be Jovi Gatdula‘s parents who agreed to their relationship despite the extreme age gap.

For all we know though, none of us is aware of what the real score, the real conversation between the parties are in personal. Some critics say that the parents of the 16 years old girl are in for it just for the money, some say because they can see that their daughter is truly in love. It may be daunting and unimaginable to many of us to have a relationship with such a huge gap – specially given that the girl here is still a minor – but who knows, maybe they are indeed meant to be. What’s sure though is, in two years time (or less, if they break up) we’ll get to see if it’s the real deal or not.