The underdog web browser Flock recently released Flock 2.0, based on the Mozilla Web Browser. The so called “social web browser” adds support for MySpace and FaceBook in the new release which looks good so far with our tests and has slowly moved in as a replacement for the usually used Firefox Browser.

Flock 2.0 comes with Firefox 3 features!If you have tried Flock in the past and got disappointed, don’t leave it by that; you must, you need, you should try Flock 2.0 which comes with great features that only Flock and Mozilla’s Firefox possess at the moment. Including the advanced “as-you-type” browser history when you type something in the address bar, ability to resume unfinished downloads even if you you came to close the browser by accident or by a critical error. And the ability to save multi-tabbed sessions for the next time you start the browser.

One negative point of view that we could raise is the fact that the Flock Community is quite small, and that Flock does not have a lot of themes available, in fact they’ve only gotten two. But if we speak from the plugins and add-on point of view, you can still make use of your favorite Firefox Add-Ons and install them into flock without any problem.

Flock’s standard features also include for Social Media Sites like YouTube, Twitter and Flickr, and as well as support for Digg Pownce and a couple more. You can even blog from your browser to your self-hosted WordPress blog, LiveJournal Account and other blogging solutions.

If you still don’t feel convinced about it, to see is to believe! Try the browser first-hand and tell us what you think!

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