I’ve been trying to abandon Internet Explorer in school, on my friends Personal Computers, simply anywhere and everywhere I could, but all of them have been asking for something to replace it. Well, the next best thing that came into my mind first, was Firefox, of course, but hey, Firefox and Internet Explorer are not the only ones that exist in the world.

There’s this special browser I’ve been talking about before, yet I was unsuccessful in really getting that browser promoted and installed on computers at school. But, I have this very special chance to invite all the students in attendance tomorrow for the I.T Day that we have prepared earlier to try the said browser Flock 2.0.

I asked the Computer Club Moderator, if I could get a couple of minutes, maybe a half or an full hour to discuss certain topics in front of the student body during the program, but the response that I received was not positive at all, as he keeps saying that we’ve only been allotted two full hours for the whole program and it’s quite difficult to squeeze everything in.

Thus, it doesn’t mean that I’ve got no chance to promote Flock, since I will be the one to host the closing remarks and get the chance to shout out a sentence or two that they should at least give Flock a try. The web browser I’m talking about won’t really interest you at first sight, but after using it for an hour or two you’ll understand what makes this web browser so special.

Some people I convinced to use Flock include Bam Canales, one of the people that I met at the Mindanao Bloggers Summit and Charles Ortiz a blogger I met at a earlier event, WordCamp Davao Philippines. It’s nice to know that both are helping out promoting Flock, introducing a total new era of Web Browsers for the daily internet users. I can say that I’m proud to be one of the many firsts who have tried flock and have become real flockstars, which even you could become too.

Why am I saying firsts? Even if Flock has established a large community already and has converted a lot of people, there are still many many many many people out there who don’t even know what Flock is and would even laugh hearing that name, like one of my classmates for example.

Hence, with this Flock promotion that I will start tomorrow, I hope that many of those in attendance will really try it out and will use Flock in replacement for Firefox, if not at least for Internet Explorer.

Now, you, the one reading this? Are you a FlockStar already or not? Try the latest version of Flock and see for yourself.