I could cite so many reasons why I’m still using WordPress as my blogging platform, but let’s try to limit it to only 5.

Before I reveal to you the reasons why I’m sticking with WordPress above any other blogging software or platform, here’s a little background about my WordPress usage.

As written in my unfinished (and prolly never to be finished) series dated June 2012, I pointed out that I never really intended to blog. The first kind of software that I came across with and started using/managing were forum softwares – SMF or Simple Machine Forums in specific.

Then, one thing let to another, and to another, and to another and… tada(!) – I met WordPress. And yes, I never looked back again.

  • Ease of Use – WordPress is very easy to use. Even people with minimal technical knowledge can get started with a WordPress blog. Of course, some basic knowledge in HTML/CSS may be needed depending on what you wish to achieve – but that’s needed by all type of (blogging) software that you use. But really now, WordPress is the easiest to use out there – that easy that me, a 16 year old teenager managed to make the most out of it. I bet todays’ teenagers will fare much better than I did then.
  • Backed by a Dynamic and Diverse Community – Whether you’re just looking for Support regarding your WordPress install, or a Premium Theme or (for those truly vain and serious) some other services to aid your WordPress site become better; I’m certain you get what you want in one way or another. The WordPress Community is so dynamic, diverse and active. There are hundreds of theme developers, dozens of people who are willing to help you on the WordPress Support Forum alone, and hey, let’s not forget the thousands of Plugins that will step up your WordPress blog to the next level.
  • WordPress Plugins – Just as noted at the end of my last bullet, it’s in the WordPress plugins that the true strength of WordPress rests. You can customize your WordPress the way you want it to be, and have it do almost anything that you wish. Take your blog to the next level with extensions that other blogging tools just can dream of. I’ll write about my 10 favorite WordPress plugins in a later post to help you get started with that, don’t worry.
  • Bulletproof – WordPress isn’t the little player in the blogging world anymore. It’s the #1 Open Source Blogging Software to-date, not just that, but the Most Popular Blogging Platform as well. It doesn’t mean that it isn’t safe though. Given it’s popularity, WordPress is well off the most secure blogging tool that you can use. The only bottleneck at the end to of the day usually tends to be the user. I may just write a bit more on this topic in a later post.
  • About half of the top 10,000 sites use WordPress – We’re talking here about the likes of CNN, Mashable, Tech Crunch – for those fashion bloggers reading this, even heartifb.com uses WordPress – and (let’s not forget Pinoy Teens) many more. I’m sure none of these would use WordPress if it wasn’t THAT great, eh? So why not join the pack? 🙂

If this wasn’t quite convincing to win you over to WordPress or make you feel proud to be a WordPress user, please let me know in the comments below – maybe you also have one or two loopholes to share about WordPress, or some nasty bugs that you experienced while using this Software? Maybe you’d also want to stress out points that make other tools better (meh!) than WordPress.