It has become very questionable why Ejay Falcon has not been nominated this week. He should have been given the glory (lol) for AUTOMATIC NOMINATION. He has committed a vast violation as the image below can verify, which they have even posted on the PBB main site.

A lot of us feel really pissed by what has happened last night. A lot of us who where in favor of EJay and Valerie have turned their odds against it. Like a commentor named fernandokatrina has mentioned in one of her replies to a post:

eh bakit sa season 1? nung naging wildard si jen.. may isang housemate na nagtanong, si chix yata yun.. autmatic nominated na agad

It’s really unfair that Ejay has not been nominated. He should be on the nomination list now, don’t you think so? Well, for all those who are confused, let me clarify a few things. There have been only 2 nominees because the other nominee came from the guardian, who are not in the house anymore; we accept that fact.

But it’s really hard to accept how the favoritism is going on in the house.

  • What’s the use of the Teen Council when SUPER PIGGY can come along and alter the decision?
  • What’s the use of the rule book if it isn’t followed?
  • Oh, let’s say he needs to commit 3 violations, then why in a latter seasons someone has been AE for 1 violation only?

Please ABS-CBN, you are disappointing a lot of your viewers with the decisions that you take on.