Dear Users of Pinoy Teens Online,

I’m glad to announce to that the Development Team of Mozilla Firefox have released the Release Candidate 1 of Firefox 3. After releasing beta 1 – 5 the first RC is on its way for general public. Be reminded, it’s a Release Candidate yet, not the stable version or what so ever.

You can go on and download the new firefox now and see the difference in speed, functionality and flexibility. I will cut the description short, because the full release notes are always better than a hunch of persuading words regarding the new software.

But there is one feature that I like to emphasize, which is the all-new history browsing from your address bar. Let’s say for example you frequently browse Pinoy Teens Online, simply by typing Teens, you may see our URL as a option to click on the address bar, its making browsing much more easy and handy.

So, get this awesome browser now and check it out. be reminded also that majority of add-ons are not yet compatible with this new release. But further updates are surely on their way.