I DO NOT INTEND TO MOVE ON FROM MY RELATIONSHIP w/ HER, I’m referring to move to a new domain, nothing else.

I do not intend to move on from the pretty blurry relationship that I have with a fellow Plurker, but rather, move on from this website. I have been trying to get rid of this blog for several times, but now it is all clear to see for everyone, PinoyTeens.Net needs some fresh replacement after the massive de-index or penalty that I have been awarded in major search engine, including Google, which has been providing 90% of all visitors since we started tracking about a year and three months ago.

The change in domain name does not change the concept of the website that I have created from pure scratch, it will still be based on the foundations of this very website, this very Pinoy Teens Online that has started everything for me in the online blogging world, from being the amateur blogger next door, to one of the more known personalities who write from the Metro Davao.

With this I would like to introduce to you the new website that I will be more blogging on about the same topics that are of interest to the readers of Pinoy Teens which includes, but is not limited to the following: UAAP updates, Showbiz Insiders, News Headlines, Blogging Tips and Tricks and several other topics that will certainly entertain geeks and the moderate users of the web; even the sub-blogs that are rooted at sub-domains of Pinoy Teens will be moved soon, including the Love Bug Love Blog which will re-brand under a new name as well.

The change from Pinoy Teens Online to Teen Philippines is not of SEO purposes only, it opens up new opportunities that I have wasted before, it lets me relive the whole bloggoshpere with a totally new domain name, yet with more experience about what I’m doing which should aid me reach the right track and follow the footsteps of Pinoy Teens in no time. I’ve really been missing blogging for the past couple of weeks, which expands to even months already since the last time I really BLOGGED something from the heart and from my mind, but not anymore, as I’m back, or should I say, WE are back, as Teen Philippines on teenph.com