All the world is lending their eyes and attention to Africa right now. The 2010 World Cup is closing nearer and nearer each day once it kicks off in June 2010. The top 8 seeded teams are namely Africa, Argentina, England, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Brazil and Spain who are going to head group A-H, respectively.

Many teams feared to enter the “group of death” and there’s most likely one to be called that way including two of my favorites of which most likely only one team may go on. But before we proceed to the group of death let’s further analyze Group A in which the seeded (hosts) South Africa will be joined by Mexico, Uruguay and late qualifiers after a mysterious win over Ireland, France.

GROUP A Analysis (S. Africa, Mexico, Uruguay, France)

The hosts South Africa could have had a easier group and it isn’t really looking good for them with unseeded France and a decent powerhouse Mexico joining them. I don’t know much about Uruguay but they seem to be a strong opposition for the South African nation. France is going to have it relatively easy, but not as easy as other countries have it.

The opening fixtures for this group will be South Africa vs Mexico and Uruguay vs France. The most likely teams to get through the group stage will be France (for sure) and either Mexico or South Africa.

GROUP B Analysis (Argentina, Nigeria, South Korea, Greece)

Messi and Maradona’s Argentina is having a more tougher assignment in Group B. Top seeded Argentina is going to start the World Cup with African powerhouse Nigeria. The team that could worry them most could be Greece who are the 2004 European Champions, another team not be called out would be the 2002 World Cup hosts South Africa. But the two teams to get passed the first round in my opinion would still be Argentina and Greece.

GROUP C Analysis (England, United States, Algeria, Slovenia)

The third group with the top seeded England is going to be a bit clearer than the first two. I don’t know much about Algeria and Slovenia, yet the other two England and and the United States that I know well about. It will be a clear rivalry between these two and I thought that the group of England would be really hard after United States joined the British pack. The teams to get through here is most probably going to be England and the United States). Yet I bet no one wants to end as second placers as they are most likely going to face Germany who are the top seeded team in Group D.

GROUP D Analysis (Germany, Australia, Serbia, Ghana)

Top seeded Germany is looking to head to qualify for the playoff stage in this group, but no, it is not going to be a easy job with Veduka’s Australia knocking on the door for the top spot. Ballack’s Germany is also going in need to beat Serbia and Ghana. Wherein Ghana could cause problems for the German and as well as Australian side as being the first African nation to qualify for the 2010 World Cup. Teams to top this group will be Germany and Australia, respectively.

GROUP E Analysis (Netherlands, Denmark, Japan, Cameroon)

A tough group to call. Not in terms of having the most extravagant and explosive teams, but in terms on how they match each other fairly well. Netherlands is the top seeded team not without a valid reason. Cameroon is a nation to watch that can play very explosively. So is Japan and Denmark who are not bad at all. Still, the teams that I believe to succeed in this group are going to be Cameroon and the Netherlands.

Group F Analysis (Italy, Paraguay, New Zealand, Slovakia)

The favorites in this group is clear to see, defending champions Italy who are going to have an opening cracker against Paraguay. The teams most likely to go through will be the two that I mentioned as New Zealand and Slovakia are not looking to be any too dangerous threats to either of the teams.

GROUP G Analysis (Brazil, South Korea, Ivory Coast, Portugal)

This is the group of death. Not really extraordinary, but a total powerhouse group in which of many people’s favorites is going to kiss goodbye to the world cup. Most likely alongside the North Korean nation. This group will be a showdown between Kaka (Brazil), Drogba (Ivory Coast) and Christiano Ronaldo (Portugal) and that isn’t a group in which South Korea wants to be put in to. The countries to develop their World Cup title hopes are most probably going to be Brazil and Portugal. But Ivory Coast can really be a headache to the two of them.

GROUP H Analysis (Spain, Switzerland, Honduras, Chile)

This group counts to one of the easiest especially in favor of Spain. It may be a bit harder to call who will lead the group, it could be Spain or as well as Chile, but these are the two teams most likely to move on. Switzerland at the other hand may cause an upset on both ends though.

After all, the 32 teams divided in the 8 groups seem to be very balanced at the end. Only with group G causing problems to many. The draw for my favorites Germany could have ended worse of France had joined them instead of Serbia, but still we cannot underestimate any opponent at this point, as these are the top 32 teams in the world right now if we’d put all other statistics, analysis and critics aside since these are the 32 teams who have made it to the World Cup Finals.

The three favorites that I have for the 2010 FIFA World Cup are Germany, Portugal and Spain. Christiano Ronaldo’s magic can bring them up to the finals, we’ll never know. Spain with power players David Villa, F. Torres, Xavi and Cesc Fabregas are also looking to be very strong contenders. At the end of the day I am still going to put my faith in to Germany (for being a German after all, you know :p) Ballack’s side may be not as strong and explosive as the other two that I have mentioned, but don’t count out Klose and co from the German side. For as long as these three teams won’t meant along the way, I’d bed my money on a Germany vs Spain final.

What are your comments, insights and/or predictions for the FIFA World Cup 2010 and the draw results which was held in Cape Town a while ago?