I know a lot are wondering on how the heck we’ve been unable to drop back on your entrecards.  We’ve been quite busy with our projects, examinations and all those stuff. Also, I’ve been personally very busy about the Software Freedom Day and the little talk that I’ll be having. Until now, I haven’t finished the slides, but I was able to practice a little bit infront of some of my classmates.

For everyone who is interested into more Pinoy Teens Online action, there’s a lot more out there! We’ve got 2 sub domain sites on our network which are namely: Pinoy Teens in Photos and Pinoy Styled YouTube, although both of them don’t have much content, they already receive decent amount of traffic and are quite presentable to the general public (you) already. That’s one of the reasons why I’m sharing this with you.

I’ve got a couple of lessons on the que that I’ll be publishing this weekend, but leave it for the weekend and not for now, as I’ve got something else to say.

Baby Blue and Atenista Aketch both won 50 pesos free load from us for our Final Four Mini Blow Out Wild Guess contest. Don’t you worry, a lot more of these will come your way soon!

Another important note is, that we are now accepting subdomain hosting for blogs, if incase you want to have a blog like yourname.pinoyteens.net then don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. (by simply leaving a comment)