Virtual friends can be made anywhere and everywhere with ease. Some are really looking for friends, while others look to exploit the others information and take advantage from them. While others just want to spam people anyhow the could and the best possible way to do so. One way would be through facebook, and yes, I mean it, through facebook.

I’m currently accommodating over thousands of friends of facebook, admittedly, I only know a handful of them personally, but the huge volume of friends on facebook does has its reason why, at least I’m not one looking forward to annoy the users of the said social networking site.

When You Add Friends, You Exploit Much Information

And probably more than you would like to expose to general public, especially to those virtual-friends of yours who you barely know. Yes, they can message you on facebook, they can message dozens of people but in a moderate manner, and that is not the issue here. What really makes me nuts is the Phonebook where all your numbers (and probably even yours) is listed (if in case we are friends). Spammers could easily take advantage from it and annoy you more directly, through text messages and land line calls, and that’s the least thing that you want to have.

Don’t be a Victim of Spam and Scam

Are you sure that you know all the people on Facebook and that you are willing to share this precious information to them? Are you confident that you won’t fall for any scam message and become victim of such in the future just because of your phone number available for the public to pick up? IF YES, then you can keep your number up there, else I suggest otherwise, or at least be picky when adding friends to your facebook account. I don’t know if it is a dominant issue here in the Philippines, that when you eye-ball someone (on the girls’ end) you end up raped, and killed. But in Germany and other countries it definitely is a issue to be addressed. We will never know what might happen and what crazy person you might bump along on the internet, be careful and cautious with the personal date you publicize online.