The latest news updates from the EURO 2012 coming straight up from a Philippine Football Enthusiast – that’s me!

I figured I’d share this post with you, instead of writing a German article on my other blog. So yeah, here we go with the latest news and updates from the Euro 2012 hosted by Ukraine and Poland.

Netherlands strike Three

Netherlands managed the impossible, they did not just ended up bottom of their group, but have done so in style, losing 3 out of 3 outings despite a fairly successful qualifying run and remarkable second place during the FIFA World Cup 2010 as they fell short only to European and World Champions, Spain.

Who would have thought that they’d end up with nothing on their tally? We’ll, they’ve at least got a goal via Van der Vaart though.

Just as pitiful the Netherlands have played their way back to, well, the Netherlands, Germany has done an equally remarkable job – from a positive point of view. Germany won 3 out of 3 games in Group B which is dubbed as the “Group of Death”.

The Germans may not have looked as brilliant or convincing as they were during qualifying, at least they’ve held on to their 100% success rate at the EURO 2012 – from qualifying until the upcoming quarterfinals where they’ll meet again with Greece.

Host Poland, and strong Russians out of EURO 2012

Unable to grab a spot in the quarterfinals were both Poland and Russia in Group A. Despite playing a strong campaign, Russia fell short by the “head to head” tally of the equally positioned Greece who go through at their expense. With Poland down now, there’s only one host country left in the tournament as I write this.

Group C: Spain and Italy, through.

Though Ireland promised to play with style and keep down the Italians, they still hold on to their unblemished 3 losses in 3 games record, following suit to the Netherlands. Had they beat the Italian side, it would have meant that Croatia takes place 2 and proceeds to the next round.

Defending Champions, Spain carries on with spot number 1 in Group C.

Group D: England vs Ukraine for Place 2

Though both teams named above can still make up for the first place, it seems a little unlikely to happen, with France facing a demoralized Sweden who are still winless at the Euro 2012.

The game between England and the Ukraine is going to be one of the biggest yet at the Euro 2012, with a lot at stake. England, with 4 points have the edge here, while Ukraine, with 3 points, can’t be satisfied with a result anything less than a win.

If it ends in a draw, then the Motherland of Football will go on to the next round.

These are all the updates for now, coming straight from the EURO 2012 in Poland and Ukraine! Expect us to blog more regularly on this topic as the games close in to the semis and final!