Okay, so if you belong to a group of friends who like sleep-overs or if you’re a parent who has already run out of ideas about what to serve their kids for baon, this will be really helpful to you.

Basically, the term S’mores is an abbreviated term for “give me some more” or “some more”.  S’mores started as a camping treat in the United States for boys and girl scouts.  The traditional S’mores has been done by putting marshmallows on a skewer and grilling the those on fire.  When the marshmallows have already been toasted enough, those are put on sheets of graham crackers and sandwiched with another cracker.

The recipe that you will see in a few has a twist into it.  Well, it’s no special twist as I have already seen many Moms do it for their kids’ baon or snacks but since it’s easy and I know that kids hate snacks that are very predictable, I’m gonna put in a new ingredient into it.

What you will need:

  1. A bag of marshmallows (white round ones are recommendable)
  2. Classic graham crackers
  3. Thin chocolate bars (milk, white, dark, whatever suits your taste)*
  4. Thinly-sliced bananas or fruits (strawberries, kiwis, apples, whatever)–> OPTIONAL
  5. Sprinklers –> OPTIONAL


1. Break the graham crackers into your desired size.  Lay the crackers on a clean and dry surface.  Open the bag of marshmallows with clean and dry hands.  Put marshmallows on the “back side” of the crackers.  Put the marshmallows properly so that they won’t fall down afterwards.  Set aside.  If chocolate bars aren’t present, you can use chocolate spreads like Nutella.  Some people have used peanut butter for this too like Skippy.  Don’t put too much chocolate spread if you are preparing this for kids who’d bring it to school to avoid mess.

2. Get another set of graham crackers and lay those in a cool, clean and dry place.  Open the chocolate bars and cut them into the right sizes.  Right sizing is important to avoid mess.  The chocolate bars in each graham cracker should be just fit enough–not too big and not too small. Set aside.

3. Put the grahams with marshmallows in an oven toaster.  Do not cramp up the toaster and leave gaps between the crackers.  If the toaster’s pan has stains on it, it would be best to use an aluminum foil for sheathing against the stains of the pan.  1.5 minutes heating time should be enough for a toasted fix.  2 minutes heating time if you want the mallows to be completely melted.  Heating beyond 2 minutes can totally burn the mallows and give you a bitter fix.

4. Take the mallowed crackers out of the oven toaster immediately after the set time has passed.  Toasters still are hot after minutes of heating hence the mallows can be burnt if left inside the toaster.  Lay the mallowed crackers on top of the crackers with chocolate bars creating a sandwich.  Do not wait for the mallows to cool down as it will not make the chocolates to stick onto the mallows when sandwiched.


You can also put in thin slices of bananas and fruits over the marshmallows before you sandwich it with the chocolates. If you have sprinklers, you can sprinkle ’em on the marshmallows right after those were put out of the oven for added design.  Remember that food becomes prettier with added design in it. 🙂

This is very ideal for slumber parties and for kids who like bringing baon to school.  These can be individually wrapped with aluminum foil and put into clean and dry containers.  Even college and high school students can still bring these to school e.g. my brother and I. 🙂 It’s actually a good replacement to unhealthy chips that we usually buy for snacks when we go to parties and to school.  Just remember to drink lots of water and brush your teeth after eating these sweet treats! 🙂