I’ve been highly anticipating the start of Drag Me To Hell in the Philippines and my fellow classmate at the Ateneo for Information Technology has told me that screening of the said Horror Blockbuster has started already. I don’t know if many of you will agree with me that the said horror thriller can be considered as a blockbuster, but based on the recent monotonous science fiction movies that I have seen in the past couple of weeks, this really messes up the line and brings in some kick.

The Drag Me To Hell advertising banner has been at the NCCC Mall for weeks now which really excites me each time I have a glance at it before entering the cinema to watch a movie like Angels and Demons, Star Trek, Wolverine and the others that I have seen recently. Many blogs have written previews and already reviews about the Horror Movie Drag Me To Hell which excites me even more. All that I have to do for now is try to convince my mother to have a look at that movie either on my own or with their accompaniment which will hopefully be tomorrow or on the other day, I don’t really wanna rush it, but reviewing Drag Me To Hell as one of the Horror Movies in 2009 would be pretty much something that I look forward writitng about here.

Have you watched Drag Me To Hell already or not?