Eagerly anticipating the next book in the Heroes of Olympus Series? Here’s something to entertain you for a while. Why not read The Staff of Serapis in the meantime?

Before we I’ll give you the download link to the Staff of Serapis, let me share a bit more about it…

The Staff of Serapis is the second attempt of Rick Riordan to merge the worlds of the demigods and godlings together. His most recent attempt at a Demigod and Godling crossover came in the form of Percy Jackson, the Son of Poseidon (or Neptune, whatever you prefer) meeting Carter Kane, the eye of Horus, as well as the brother of the little amazing magician named Sadie Kane. The first crossover of the two worlds took place in The Son of Sobek.

The Staff of Serapis is a crossover that will be all about Annabeth Chase and Sadie Kane.

Download the Staff of Serapis now.

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