In celebration with the launch of the tech blog here on Pinoy Teens, (A wholly moly new blog within a blog); let’s get the celebration started with a little contest. Just a little one, where ten thousand entre credits are at stake, just by leaving a simple comment. The question goes as the title says, if you know your dashboard.

Well, WordPress dashboards don’t really differ much, you can alter the font through editing the admin css, you can add and remove widgets, but there are some edits that most people oversee, and that’s what I wish you to have a keen look upon and tell me, what’s the difference between my dashboard and yours. There are obvious differences, but heck, the best comment wins. Yes, there will be one winner among all of you. But the credits account to 5,000 only. If someone can spot the difference that makes my WordPress dashboard totally unique from yours, you’ll get 10,000 credits with no further questions asked. How does that sound?

My WordPress Dashboard
Click to enlarge

Feel free to start leaving a comment below and let your voice be heard. I’m very excited to read your answers! Also feel free to browse around the Pinoy Teens Online website which has recently downgraded to its old design, along with the said tech blog which is just this same blog; just with a few edits here and there to make that particular section standout with another theme. Pretty neat, huh?