DAVAO CITY, Philippines [July 1 2, 2011] – THREE days have past since the devastating flash flood that has hit numerous places in Davao City. Kevin Paquet represented the Philippine Teens Media last July 1, 2011 at the evacuation center near Matina Crossing. He accompanied his fellow media friends to roam the area which appeared to have suffered the most damage, Arroyo Village.


Kevin reports that the extend of the damage wasn’t truly visible at first; not that the damage looked devastating and tear jerking already, it’s just that the true extend of the damage unfolded along their way. Houses were swept away, other houses collapsed. People were still trying to rescue whatever they can after 48 hours of the flash flood that hit their homes. Others have nothing to call home anymore.


A resident of the place informed him that under this collapsed house[refer to pictures below] might still be a 3 month old baby buried under, of course the chances of the kid to remain alive is less than 1% by now.


They reached the wrecked home of the Luzong Family. One of the families that have lost 10 members out of 20 that lived there. The Wife almost died under the heat of the sun. She must have lost her sanity when she knew that there are 10 people left of them. She could’ve died in front of their very eyes, but lucky enough Kevin’s colleague was clever enough to help out immediately and efficiently to save the poor woman’s life.


“Grabe. Sa TV pa lang, grabe na tingnan ang mga ganitong situwasyon. Ngayon na andito ako sa area… iba talaga ang firsthand experience.” (Unbelievable, it looked tear jerking and heart breaking already on our television set at home. But roaming the area firsthand is a totally different experience.)


Around 5-6 men helped unloading a 10-wheeler upon their return. The truck carried relief goods for the victims of the flash flood. There have been around 120 sacks. Each sack contained 5 packs that contained Rice, Canned Goods and Noodles. All in all the 10-wheeler was loaded up with 600 relief packages for the residences.


DAVAO BLOGGERS Distribution for Davao City Flash Flood victims


Tomorrow, 3pm will be the distribution of the donations that Perry and the other Davao Bloggers crew gathered. If you wish to donate money, food or clothing, please get in touch with Philippine Teens Media head Kevin Paquet right away. We will send two members of the Philippine Teens Media / Pinoy Teens Online to the area tomorrow to aid the volunteers delivering the donations to the victims.


We’d like to thank the presence of Davao City Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte at the area last July 1, 2011 afternoon. Thanks to everyone who have donated money, goods and clothing already. Most importantly those who have offered their prayers. 🙂

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