Good Evening all.

I’m blogging right now from the Davao Bloggers Christmas Party which is held at the Ma’am Bebs. Aside from the festive celebration of Christmas and simply having some fun this 4th of December, 2009; the people behind the Avatar Media group is seeking for fellow Davao Bloggers to step up and participate in the organization of the Davao Bloggers Society or whatever name they’ll gonna give to the group.

The Davao Bloggers group will be spearheaded by Ria Jose as the President and Dulce Lada as Vice President. The Official Name of the blogging group selected from the folowing, Davao Blog Squad, Davao Blogers, Davao Bloggers Society, Davao Blogers Group, Davao Blogers Association is going to be the plain and simple Davao Bloggers. Notably without the Society at the end unlike the other Blogging Societies from Cagayan, General Santos, etc

I’ll be updating this blog later on with the aftermath post as we’re just about to eat 😀