For a change, I’ll be taking a short review of one of the most funny and useful add-ons that I have ever met for my Firefox Web Browser. While I was testing the latest beta version of Firefox, I thought to checkout the add-on repository of the open source browser to expand the usability and test the flexibility of my web browser and bumped upon a very nice firefox add-on that I would like to share with you.Cooliris Firefox Add-On

But first of all, let me ask you; don’t you find it senseless and boring at times when you have to view picture after picture on Friendster, facebook or Flickr? It’s very annoying, isn’t it? You’d always have to click on something and wait for the whole thing to load before you can view a picture, and then you’ve got to wait another couple of moments to view another picture. It’s something that could be considered as hassle. Why not try something hassle free?

Viewing Images and Videos is very fun with the Cooliris Firefox Add-On

Cooliris is a Firefox Add-On that does just that, lessens the time you spent while viewing pictures and enables you to view more pictures at the same time in a innovative and fun way. Watch pictures on a wall in 3-D, click through a lot of pictures with the instant of your mouse, zoom in, zoom out, and share your favorite pictures with the community of Cooliris.

The add-on has been developed by the Cooliris Team of the respective development website. And continuously receives updates and will probably be updated for the upcoming version of Firefox, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility. Check out the add-on yourself and see how much fun it is to view pictures and even videos in a new fashioned way. This Image add-on of Firefox is compatible to the follow, but is not only limited to: Photobucket, Flickr, Friendster, MySpace, KodakGallery and more.