It’s time to write a unscheduled post and get my thoughts out in the blogoshpere for the majority to read and have their inputs shared and discussed in the comment section later on.

If you are from Davao City, then you probably might have heard small bits about this issue; to favor everyone, especially people from afar, let’s get deeper into the details to make you understand better what I intend to deliver with this post. Well, it’s sort of a rant, but let’s see how it goes.

Back in late 2008, I’ve been kind to help someone migrate his BlogSpot blog into a fully polished and ready-to-post WordPress blog, with majority of the contents from his primer moved to the new blog with ease, using the WordPress Import feature. It wasn’t much, but for someone who is not knowledgeable about the software he’s using, it’s a big step forward. Moving on with that, we used to share tips and tricks along the road, analytics from both our websites and slowly but surely a little rivalry grew, I wonder though if that particular person has ever matched this blog alone and how he has become such a big head he is right now.


When our websites peaked back in May (here’s his update, and here is mine, should I be insecure about his blog? HUH?), he has been looking for refuge under a new host and got hosted by a kind blogger who offered hosting at no cost, and uh, as well as no strings attached. His website, as he claims continued to boom and had a lot of traffic spikes since he has been complaining about the downtime of his website. And even engages into verbal assaults, might they not directly refer to anyone specific.

He had a problem all throughout the moment the said blogger got involved into a controversy, about a Ateneo de Davao article in which he criticized an event he hasn’t even attended. That’s lame. But he wouldn’t leave it by that problem alone, but continues arguing about a few nonsense issues he could have just shut up about, just like Batang Yagit complaint about the latter post of his regarding the school event.


The blogger I’m gossiping about about when crazy days after the incident when high-profiled Winston plurked him to shut up, and just a day or two after the incident on a Harry Potter plurk of his. Crazy in words, in thoughts, and yeah, in deeds as well. I was just there watching, staying tuned and observing the whole scenario to go on, until I got involved into the mess and just had to publish this.


  • Blogger X told some high-classed Blogger statements like these:
    • Blah blah blah give me 14 days to migrate, no need to reply.
    • Change the name servers of my domain, tell me when you’re done (note, there’s no please or anything; note also that he’s such a awesome blogger who says that I’m insecure about him but he doesn’t even know anything about name servers *now he knows because he pointed his domain somewhere else, wow*)
    • is down. Bugo man gud ka na pagka tao gud. You know who you are. BOBO. (I responded here, and also Princess did, I know you don’t mean me on that)
  • People who can’t appreciate Harry Potter are Bobo? OMG, now this is a big one, Twilight Fanatics show yourself!
  • He thinks I’m insecure about him, give me 3 reasons why I should be? I’ll give you six why I wouldn’t
    1. Most Commented Post is 800 (here) (followed by posts with 300, 200, and a few 100+ commented posts)
    2. Most Traffic on a single day is almost more than he had in a year (here)
    3. AdSense Money earnings last May-June is more than he earned in total (here)
    4. I can get myself hosting under my ass without begging people for help
    5. I know how to migrate a blog from whatever to WordPress (do I need to know vice versa? why should I?)
    6. I taught you. (here)
    7. *BONUS* I’m happy with my blogging, not because I’m earning but because I’m helping people out.

Please dear crazy blogger, wake up. I don’t think that there’s anyone who would be insecure about you, yes, I mean anyone. Probably insecure in a sense having you around, because you could do something crazy.