Pleasant Sunday guys!

I’m Princess Quin, Kevin’s assistant writer here on Pinoy Teens Online (err, I’m only having Author Authority and cannot accept the pending comments right now). Speaking of Kevin and Comments, Kevin is currently away, somewhere out there in the blogoshpere (kawawang Kevin, balita ko sira ang Netscape and Firefox 2 & 3 nya, kaya nakiki Safari nalang XD) to add comments on any blog that he hits, inviting them to link exchange with us.

Although, those comments are offtopic po, we will payback comments to everyone na nag comment dito sa amin, gaya nga nung imahe sa taas ng mga article namin, we are said to be you comment, I/we follow. And the person to follow you will be me in behalf of Kevin. So, all those linkies of ours, watch out, I’ll be invading your blogs for some goodiess!

That’s not all that we’ve prepared for this Sunday. With all 4 EntreCard accounts of ours, we’re planning to head for the big advertisement week within this week and the upcoming week. We’ve got right now 23,000 hard earned entrecredits, and you don’t want to know what we’ve been through to get them (browser crash dito, unresponsive script doon, low memory dito, lost internet connection doon and much more)

So, all those people on our exchange list, be ready to accept our advert, Pinoy Teens Online is coming through!

Once again, this has been Princess Quin in behalf of my bestfriend Kevin Paquet.

Have a nice Sunday afternoon everyone.

EDIT: Kevin will comment on the other blogs, some of them I can’t relate to. Hehe