People’s Champ Manny “The Pacman” Pacquiao kicked off in being a National Boxing Sensation, who grew beyond expectations to a Internationally Competitive Boxing Icon which a lot of people look up to and adore. Especially the people from his hometown, General Santos City and the people from the Philippines in General.

Pacquiao is one of the very few who was able to lift the Philippines to a higher level, to make us feel special Manny Pacquiao "Give us this day"and be proud about something. There might be other sports that several Filipinos are good at, but Boxing seems to be the sport that made the Philippines the most Popular.

During his last Five Matches, Pacquiao was able to knock down three of them, will he be able to get rid of the fourth this December Sixth? Or will it be another anonymous decision, or even yet a loss? The hope of the Philippines along with the prayers from all the Filipinos world wide go with him.

GIVE US THIS DAY, states the poster promo of Nike Philippines, will he be granted this day? Will we be granted this day?

A couple of days ago De la Hoya said, “If you have Mexicans, I have Mexicans too..” But who cares whether he has his icon on his side or not? Whether Pacquiao has fans from Mexico? What matters that night are the skills, abilities and moves that those world class boxers will showcase towards each other. At the other hand, if Pacquiao does have Mexican Fans, are there any Filipinos who support De la Hoya? I don’t think so.

De la Hoya lost twice in his past 5 matches, whilst Pacquaio goes through with a clean sheet of 5 wins 0 losses in his recent five. Will De la Hoya extend his victorious journey to a back-to-back victory? Or will Pacquiao reach for his sixth consecutive?

From our point of view, there’s no stopping for the Pacman

If in the last battle, I came to doubt Pacquiao inside and out and was literally anticipating his downfall, I stood corrected by all means as I watched him battle David Diaz at his best, with no excuses. If he keeps that mood up for the sixth of December, then this fight will be surely ours.

There’s still a chance for the Mexican to pursue in stopping the Filipino rampage over the Mexicans ala Pacquiao way, but that chance is very small, but still, there is a chance. A small glimpse of hope that could upset all of our.

Besides the support that we’ll be showing him on the day when the battle nears to its momentum, prayers could aid him as well, prayers for success, for good health for both sides in the upcoming Boxing Scenario.

Let’s see whether the Mexican Assassin can strike again and take another step forward in Boxing History.