Boxing News: We all know that our very own boxing sensation Manny Pacquiao has much against the random Olympic style urine and blood testing, it even went that far that Pacquiao filed a case against the Mayweather Camp for accusing him to have used steroids in his previous bouts. But the fight dated March 13, 2010 isn’t really over yet.

There is still a slight chance that boxing fans from all over the world are going to see the two greatest fighters of today go head to head inside the ring for twelve or less rounds. It all boils down to one thing, says the Mayweather side; and that is Pacquiao’s decision to agree to the random testing or not.

Camp Mayweather really hopes that Pacquiao signals the green light anytime soon so that the fans of the sport get to see what they deserve. A fight that would go in straight into the history of the sport, a fight between two of the biggest name the sport ever had. Manny Pacquaio does still think otherwise, but maybe something will change his mind soon, but after all, I do think that it is indeed a bit unusual for them to undergo Olympic style drug testing if the “sport in general” has never done something this extraordinaire before.

Do you think Manny Pacquiao should agree with the terms for the scheduled March 13 fight vs Floyd Mayweather, or should be the opposite camp which should step a notch done from such unusual pre-match procedure?