The Pound-For-Pound King is set to file libel charges against Floyd Mayweather Sr., Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Golden Boy Productions (the Mayweathers’ promoter).

Manny Pacquaio, who first shrugged off the accusations of the Mayweathers pertaining to him, using performance-enhancing drugs such as steroids stated that the Mayweathers are already going overboard with their words.  During the early parts of this issue, PacMan merely perceived the Mayweathers’ accusations as a simple ploy to distract him in their supposed upcoming fight.  The Mayweathers’ skepticism even extended to requiring PacMan and Mayweather Jr. to undergo an Olympic-style kind of blood testing 48 hours before the game.  PacMan’s refusal to undergo the latter resulted to a dispute between the two parties and ended up with the fight being derailed.  The number one contention of PacMan’s party with regards to his refusal to undergo such test is that it will be very detrimental for PacMan’s A-game condition if he would allow extraction of blood 48 hours before the game.  PacMan also stated that even if Mayweather will also undergo such blood testing, he would have optimum advantage because he is of larger size than Pacquaio who is squeamish of needles at the same time.  PacMan sees the mere fact of blood extraction 48 hours before the game as a big tool for him to be less of a performer given his size.  However, PacMan presented a compromise in the form of having the same Olympic-style test RIGHT AFTER the game to prove that he has not been taking up performance-enhancing drugs, contrary to the Mayweathers’ belief.  The latter compromise has not been accepted by the Mayweathers.

PacMan is already infuriated by the Mayweathers’ allegations hence he is now lifting a finger to clear his name not only to the Filipino people who have always believed in him but to the whole international community as well.  PacMan is extremely bothered and offended by the Mayweathers because their claims are also being channeled through international media tools such as CNN thus creating a stigma amongst the viewers that he, one of the greatest boxers in the world might really be on steroids.

A lot of boxing enthusiasts are completely dismayed by the derailment of this much awaited fight between the Ali and Frazier of our time.  However, PacMan won’t disappoint his fans that much by having a fight with another South American boxer on 2010.