Good Morning Folks,

I’d like to announce to everyone that the Mindanao Bloggers are organizing a Christmas Party for this Holiday Season which is said to kick off on the 27th of December, at 8 in the Evening and shall last until the 28th, 2 in the morning.

There is no specific venue announced yet, but the CIty is set, and it will be Davao City, so keep track for the official venue TBA.  Just as I write this post, there have been three people who confirmed attending this event, according to the event announcement that Blogie has posted on Facebook, and I hope to see more new and old faces there.

There are still 68 more people who are on the que to respond to the announcement being made.

Suggestions that I could think of this very moment are:

  • Exchange Gifts, but we still need to raffle off whom will gonna give a gift? Anyways, people need to confirm first if they can make it.
  • Good Food – Do I need to mention this? Of course there will be Good Food at Blogger Events :p
  • That’s all, I mentioned just more than one because I said “are” above. XD

(Sobrang Excited, nag una una na ug post haha)