There are a lot of means and ways that you can entertain people, a lot of possible paths to go to bring your blog to success and make you earn money, but you can also end up with the rear opposite of everything good and make people get rid of your site and click either that X beside the tab that they have opened for your website, or close their browser if it’s only your site they are viewing at that time.

I’m speaking about reasons that make people leave your website, a couple of key factors that lead to less impressions over a long span of time, and probably less income therefore. But anyways, before I will confuse, let me go deeper into detail to make you understand what I’m trying to teach you in my third blogging tip.

In the most recent tip that I have published, I talked about taking care of your comments, hence, in this one, we’ll be taking care of your visitors to make their stay on your blog as entertaining as possible which might just get them hooked to your blog, subscribe to it, leave comments, and become a loyal readers. Well, we started our blogging tips with a short reminder that you should get your ideas working and take actions rather than keeping them in your fragile mind, here are a few ideas that you can expand on, and take advantage of.

  • A simple design, is twice as good as a fancy one – A fancy design might look great and appealing to many people, but I tell you, the majority are not after how your site looks, but how your writing style and content appeals to them. Though, the site design still matters to them, and having the most simple and cleanest layout always gets the upper hand. And if coded with care and valid XHTML/CSS, you can even get a pogi point for the search engines.
  • What you pay is what you get – Hosting is important, and you need quality hosting to give quality experience to your readers. What do you think are your readers thinking about the inavailability of your website every second page view? Well, I guess there’s not much to think about but the exit button speaks for itself. Get good hosting and you’ll be having a good life in the blogoshpere, as well.
  • Don’t Auto-Play Music or Videos – It’s annoying, and the very least that people could do is stay for  moment or two on your website and then close it, unless they have some other purpose to visit your blog or are totally engaged into reading your articles, that’s if you have such high quality content to present them. Always disable the auto-play of audio and videos, it’s annoying, especially for me who’s browsing with both speakers turned on and suddenly hears multiple song across multiple blogs during blog hopping sessions. Get rid of it, or readers will get rid of you.
  • Provide a full feed subscription to your readers – It’s annoying when you present a very short excerpt of a story to your readers and the people have to click through to reach your website and the whole content, why not present the article at a whole and use a plugin like the RSS Footer to encourage your readers to click on the title and leave a response to the article? Hawt TIp: You can also protect your content that way as you will be able to add a copyright message using the said plugin which displays to whoever wants to rip content using your RSS Feed.
  • Present Minimal Adverts as possible (to loyal readers) – Get rid of all the advertisement for your loyal readers, because it’s annoying. And you won’t earn a cent from them. Loyal readers easily get ad blind and don’t care about advertisements anymore but look after your content (that’s why they are called loyal anyway). I forgot which plugin can be used for this one, but find a way to present advertisements to people who deserve to see it, first time visitors and those who are not that frequently on your website. This encourages people to explore your site more.
  • Giving less, is having more. – Don’t hand over hundreds of clickables per page to your readers, have a search bar in the upper fold of your website, a few related articles to that what they are reading at the end of the content, and maybe display pages and categories as well, but don’t confuse them with so many links that they could click on as this might result into no clicks at all.
  • Don’t write for money, write for passion – Sponsored Articles are fine. That’s only if you are able to present them in a interesting way to engage your readers, else those posts are a total failure. There are a lot of websites that allow you to earn money for your blogging, Sponsored Reviews, Pay Per Post, Buy Blog Reviews; just to name a few. Seek for opportunities that suit your blog and makes you feel comfortable to write about to have it presented well to your audience, don’t make them feel it’s a paid post, and don’t post such articles too often, you must be kidding me if you believe such are interesting enough to maintain the readership of a blog, huh?

I hope that with these couple of tips, your readership will increase and your engagement with your readers as well. Thank you for reading yet another blogging tip that I have written for you and don’t forget to leave a response about it below or write a response on your own blog with a link to this article to ping us about it.