In the past couple of weeks wherein I haven’t blogged much, nor even talked much about the thing that I do best, which is blogging. I’ve come to think about a lot of stuff. Including things that I should do to make my blog more popular, tasks to get the Page Rank back on track and legal ways to make the advertisement on my pages more interesting for my visitors so the CTR would increase. But I’ve got stuck somewhere at some point that until now, I haven’t done anything just yet, but I’m slowly starting to get on my feet and get going to have at least a little bit done.

If you think that it’s easy to think what to do with your blog to get it going, I believe I can make you stand corrected because it’s totally not, and it’s costly at times. Okay, you probably think that I’m totally nuts but that is just how dedicated I am to get this blog back on track and the long thought that has cost me more than a month is over, and still, I haven’t raised a finger to get something o track because I just didn’t know where to started until I reached this point, somehow.

Blogging, isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Especially if you’re blogging for a cause beyond the one that may have moved you to start blogging at first, which is to keep a journal of all things about you. At some point in your blogs life, you come to think about money, about the traffic, the comments, the page rank, and probably Alexa, Technorati and subscribers count at Feedburner. Am I right? But that’s way not it yet, you come to think about SEO, your design and many other aspects that could need some work which slowly makes your personal blog on which you blog because of your passion to share your life to others a chore.

You think about adsense, adbrite and other means to make some money, and might even start writing articles for companies or corporations in means of sponsored posts, if needed. Hosting will be an issue and the attention to better hosting increases as your popularity increases and still you’re just thinking and thinking and thinking. Well, better let’s get something going!

In my blogging tutorials, I’ll try to narrate as best as I can the steps that I have followed to make me such a blogger I am right now. Sharing tips tricks and other valuable information to you my readers in order to help you out with your own blog and to become a better blogger than you are right now.

This will be the first lesson a lesson that is plain and simple which not everyone is aware of.

You need to turn your ideas into action. Thinking won’t lead you anywhere, but entangles yourself in a sense that you cannot get anything going.

Don’t worry if your ideas might fail you at times, don’t mind the effort that is required to get your idea to work, it’s part of the game and like I said, blogging is not that usual hobby you use to do at times, and it can be though. Especially when you want to see some dollars out of it. It would be a waste if your idea would be leaked by someone else and then fulfilled into actions, don’t you think?

Thinking about what to do is nice, but don’t limit your ideas and actions within your mind and set your ideas free into the real world. If you feel you need to edit your theme and got some ideas in mind how to do it, then do them. It won’t harm you anyway, but would be a simple step onward.

Thinking and planning is a different thing, but I guess you got the idea and the relation between these two. Get your ideas going and have healthy blog with your personal touch and be proud of what you have done with it, be proud that you worked on it and not just only thought about it!