Though, BlackBerry is very common in the Philippine Market, it has never made its way to Davao City… until a couple of days ago.

Of course they didn’t come here for no reason – aside from revealing to us how well they are doing in the Philippine market.

## BlackBerry ain’t as expensive as you thought it was.

Main reason for that is, that BlackBerry isn’t just a brand used by professionals, business or corporates – it has found its way into the heart of the consumer market via new, aggressvely priced phones that claim to provide a whole new experience to its users.

## BBM started it all.

The biggest feature that had made BlackBerry stand out was, BBM or BlackBerry Messenger – until iMessages for Apple devices and universal apps like WhatsApp and Viber came along. Still, the BBM experience is a totally different ballgame.

### Improving Customer Service

BlackBerry is looking forward to further improve the buying experience of those planning to purchase a new smartphone or tablet at their respective stores, something that can only boost the loyalty and satisfaction of the customers and of course, the sales as well.

Not that they haven’t been successful in the past, hah, they’ve actually done very well, occupying the most sold smartphone in the early months of 2012.

The Global Marketshare of BlackBerry might be a bit shy compared to its dominant performance in the Southeast Asian market, but rest assured that the future looks bright for them and their users.

### Reaching out to a whole new Market

With the aggressive pricing of their latest handsets, BlackBerry hopes to convert those seeking for their first smartphone to become one of their loyal customers. Just like the partnership with Globe proves during the Nicki Minaj Concert, BlackBerry is after a whole new market, distant from the stereotyped “business and corporate” market they were known to be in – join the more mainstream and younger share of the market.

If that’s going to rejuvenate BlackBerry, is still quite debatable, but for its Philippines’ counterpart in general, it’s doing very well to keep up with the competitors and no other phones can get close to the quality and affordability that BlackBerry provides at the moment.

Get yourself a BlackBerry Curve 8520 for only P6,990!

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