Again, I rushed to my WordPress Administration Dashboard to checkout whether there is something new in the WordPress-phere (is there a term like that?) and really, there’s something going on, a REVOLUTIONary movement from one of the best WordPress Theme Designers out there. Thanks to Matt Mullenweg for keeping us updated again via the Dashboard.

At first I was pretty much shocked about the news that “Revolution goes open source.” But after reading the whole post entirely on the authors website regarding Revolution, my mind was calmed again. Although, this theme was a gift to us by another WordPress Theme Designer in one of his contest, the uniqueness of our site in terms of look is pretty much important to us, which has even led us to become a Finalist in the Philippine Blog Awards for the Best Design Category. (I don’t care much about that Contest because I was unable to know the news on time, so I wasn’t able to tweak around our design for a chance to get the top notch).

A nervous feeling came over me, I thought that the present series of Revolution Themes would go open source and be available for everyone to download. But Brian’s dedication to the present community that he has come up with (who paid for those designs) is very important to him; which led to the total extinction of the present series. (No more Revolution Themes available atm).

But hold on, he ain’t retiring from designing themes, it’s just that he moved from making bucks from his themes (the money is really worth those awesome designs) he decided to go open source, which will definitely challenge other designers out there to produce even better themes. With such a top notch designer going GPL, the future of WordPress Themes lies under a clear and blue sky.

Let’s see what he has in store for us in the next couple of weeks.

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