The Event VenueI could write up a whole book about all the stuff that I’ve been through and have experienced this very day. I’ve met a lot of new people, made a couple of friends, got a lot of pictures and had quite some fun, though, I end up with an empty pocket; as I’ve spent my whole allowance for the expense of wrapping up a short cartolina based banner that you can see there at the right of yours now.

Besides that expense I’ve put into for the materials to create that rushed cartolina banner, I’ve also bought new energize batteries for the digital camera, if in case my rechargeable eveready would stop working (empty). But everything worked out quite well with the use of my rechargeable eveready batteries. So, here we go with the juicy part of this post.

But before I proceed, may I inform you that this is part 1 of a 2 sequel long posts containing all the bits of experience of mine on this very 21st of June 2008. I’ll include images in this post while I’m waiting for all the videos to finish upload to youtube.

I went to Nccc Mall at around 1:30PM, all alone, with no one accompanying me. Even the fellow members and leaders of Pinoy Teens Online Davao did not attendThe Stage this must-to-attend event. (I’ll gonna kick their asses for this). I’ve arrived at Nccc Mall at good 1:45PM earlier this afternoon. I directly went over to the place where the event is scheduled to take place, the activity hall at the ground floor of Nccc Mall.

Arriving at the said venue, I took a few screen shots here and there from many angles, with the stage as the center piece of attention. Comparing the hall at that time to the totally loaded hall a few hours later, you can really say that it was a quite empty one.

I roamed around the whole Mall for a few hours, went here, went there. And finally decided that it’s time to buy something, something to get the attention of the people, something that would help promote Pinoy Teens in a nice way. Instead of paying a lot for a Robilievers Banner, I’ve come to think of a cheaper solution, and the best solution that I’ve found was to make use of my pocket money to buy a few materials and get the work done. What for work by the way?

The materials that you can see speak for themselves, don’t they? I tried to create a little banner which mission was to get as much attention from the people as possible, emphasizing the PINOYTEENS.NET text on it. Well, the outcome of my 79 Peso bill wasn’t the best one, but it was at least effective enough to gain attention from majority of the people on the 2nd floor (food court area). And eventually, helped me make a bunch of new friends.

But before that I’d like to present you the banner itself that I’ve created with a few NCCC Co-Workers who helped me out whilst we where doing that way back in the basement at around 2 o’clock.

The clock kept ticking and ticking, minutes, moments and hours have passed. Still, there was no sign of the big four, so will this first post and here now :p