About two days ago (since, again, as usual, the clock caught me early in the morning of the next day) I was able to attend the Christmas Party organized by the Avatar Media group. A group of bloggers mostly based from Davao City and former staff/members of the Mindanao Bloggers Community (that most likely evaporated?).

Like I have noted in my earlier post, aside from the fun we’ve discussed more serious topics which includes the founding of a new bloggers group/society/whateveryouwannacallit for Davao City. Well, indeed there has been the Mindanao Bloggers Community before, but the people behind Avatar Media felt that we’re in need of something more specific for Davao City itself, since we’ve got the Cebu Bloggers, Cagayan de Oro Bloggers and other Bloggers Societies/Groups/Communities already.

Members from the Davao City bloggoshpere have been around for a long time already. One more active than the other, one more extraordinary than the other. Reason enough to create a group for ourselves to name these homegrown talents in the new media world as there hasn’t really been a specific avenue for these bloggers to really “show off” what they have got.

Speaking of “showing off”, there’s one suggestion that I have for the Davao Blogs feed of all Davao based websites.

The front page should not show off all posts from all blogs that discuss just anything and everything even not Davao related. Yes indeed, we cans say that we are expressing and showing our thoughts to the world in that way, but it definitely doesn’t looks good and not healthy at all.

The bloggers from Davao City are very hyperactive. Blogging multiple times a day even though they’re involved in some other work. Let’s take our very own Dental Blogger Charles Ortiz as a sample. Many of us write entertainment topics that often point back to same sources and opinions which may make the site look very spammy at the end of the day.

The front page, at least, should include posts only relating to Davao City. (Advanced Category Excluder, anyone?)

In that way we can make sure that people looking for articles about Davao will really find topics about Davao and still find topics that express our opinions and views just narrowed to our very own Davao City. A second page could be created which would showcase all (other) posts, if the viewers opt to take a glance about what Dabawenyos have to say for issues involving anything else aside from the our dearest hometown.

I’m really looking forward to become an active member of this Davao Bloggers (note, there’s no group, society or whatsoever following our name :p) not for the benefit of gaining links (which I believe, most think I’m doing) but in order to contribute to “change” the way people view Davao City in particular, and “change” people to engage into blogging like most of us do to be heard and read by people around the world. (Not really obvious that it closely represents the ideology of this website which is to change the mindset of foreigners whenever they get to hear about the Pinoy Teens)

If in case you are from Davao and would like to join the Davao Bloggers feel free to speak up in the comment form. I’m sure one of our newly elected officers is more than happy to entertain you.

PS: Won’t we have a main blog for the Davao Bloggers?