Media entities along with Top Technology Blogs in the U.S are preparing themselves for the upcoming Media Event of Apple slated September 12, 2012 – today. Lots of rumors and speculations regarding the new iPhone 5, iPad Mini and updated iPod touch line have spread like wildfire over the internet these recent weeks.

Pinoy Teens’ Tech has gather some of the most substantial and more likely speculations all here for you:

The new iPhone (5) Rumor List

iPhone 5 or the new iPhone?

Apple has dropped the numbering on its iPad lineup, calling the third iteration of the device simply as “the new iPad”. While many expect Apple to drop the numbering on the iPhone lineup as well, the Media Invitation sent to various U.S Media entities speaks otherwise, displaying a clear 5 in the shadow of 12 (September 12, the day of the event). Credibility 80%

Taller Screen at 4 inches?

There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that Apple is going to adopt a taller 4-inch iPhone screen. The evidence comes primarily from countless iPhone part leaks. Apple’s upcoming iOS 6 software also supports the expected taller resolution of 1136×640. Credibility 90% [Macrumors]

Smaller Dock Connector and Nano SIM

The upcoming iPhone, may that be the new iPhone or iPhone 5, is most likely to feature a smaller dock connector, rendering all our present charging cables and accessories connecting to the iPhone useless – unless you purchase an adapter from Apple. That of course, if the smaller dock connector rumors are true. Credibility 90%

Along with the smaller dock connector, the SIM to be used in the iPhone also needs to shrink a bit more. If you thought the current sims used in the iPhone or iPad 3G was small already, well, there’s a smaller standard now, known as the Nano SIM. Credibility 95%

LTE/A6 Processor

Given that the last iPhone supported 3G connections only, it’s pretty much given that the upcoming iPhone will support the faster LTE standard as well. Credibility 95%

The processor in the iPhone is also said to be upgraded from its current dual-core A5 processor, to an A6 processor. All of this should mean a faster CPU with decreased power requirements. Credibility 90%

It’s not just about the iPhone though.

Other rumors include the launch of an iPad Mini and a new iPod touch as well.

Being an iPod touch devotee for such a long time already, yours truly is looking forward to what specs the new iPod touch will carry.

What I’m personally expecting on the iPod touch are the following features:

  • 4 inch screen
  • 1136×640 resolution display
  • A5 chip
  • Better battery life, please?
  • 5MP rear camera
  • More RAM
  • 16GB as default storage

Just those humble updates, and I’m a happy man!

What do you expect of the new devices Apple is slated to launch today? Check back again tomorrow to read about our impressions of the newly released gadgets once they’re announced.