iTampon ceases in popularity on Twitter, and it looks like everything is starting to grow up to their respective ages again. Or is it just that all the whiners have run their tears dry already? Well, I have to say that the Apple iPad is not really what I expected it to be, I very confused if it will be a successful product or just a huge failure like most other Tablets.

It is clear that Apple is the leading Software/Hardware Manufacturer, and their stellar “most advanced” product shows off their leadership. But that’s another topic for another article. Let me bring you straight to three possible uses for the iPad.

  • Get aMac Mini and VNC Connect your iPad via WIFI – you’ll be having a multi-touch iMac that way that you can access everywhere in the house!
  • VNC Connect to your computer at home or work – See, you don’t need a full horsepower computer/laptop with you, when you can control it with your iPad from anywhere (as long as there’s WiFi or as long as you have 3G connection)
  • Listen to music – hey, acclaimed 120 hours of music isn’t that bad, is it?

How would you use the iPad if ever you’d have one?